Be Serious…. Is Your Business Digitally Powerful?

Be Serious…. Is Your Business Digitally Powerful?

Be Serious…. Is Your Business Digitally Powerful?

You’ve heard the old adage:

“If you’re not moving forward in business you’re falling behind.”

Can we all agree that’s true? OK, great, so now to put this into perspective.

Software and technology are racing forward at incredible speeds. So, now the adage changes. If your not moving forward at incredible speeds your falling behind. Here’s a short checklist to see if your business is staying digitally proficient:

  1. Are you using a CRM system that has quality marketing automation tools built in?
  2. Are your folders of digital files organised in the cloud (GDrive or Dropbox), or are they still kept on a local server?
  3. Are you using Zapier to automate processes?

If you answered “No” to all three, or even to one of the above, then you might be getting surpassed by competitors, and simply lacking business efficiency. You don’t need to worry though because finally, software is something we can actually implement quickly! It’s the evolution of software that brings us to this great point in time when it is finally helping us without taking days, months, or even years to see the benefit.

Here are our top software products that make life (much) simpler:


Active Campaign Marketing Automation

This easy-to-use software is incredibly effortless to set up, which can help any business get into the marketing automation game, easy as 123. This software’s no-nonsense and dynamic approach in automation was once only a dream for most marketers but has now become a reality, at a low price point.



And then there was Xero, a software that is unbelievably easy to use that even your grandma can do it.



“WTH, I can integrate all these things in one go?!” Zapier (which, incidentally rhymes with “happier”) integrates your various software systems, automating processes so seamlessly without requiring code or web development.

Yes, these software programs can do a lot of wonders for your brand.

Automate to Elevate

There’s no reason for you to say no to the marketing automation evolution. The benefits? Automation allows you to free up your time from mundane yet critical tasks so you can invest more time on more meaningful, value-adding projects. As we said earlier, if your business isn’t moving, it’s falling behind. Invest in the right tools and be one step ahead of the game.

Give us a call for a free consultation on your software stack, and we’ll provide a few quick tips to improve your processes and workflow. (We are always working on this as well, so we feel your pain).

Before you go, here are a few Zap ideas if you’re not using any yet!

  1. Zap new client contact details from your CRM over to Xero.
  2. Zap a new sales contract into a Google Sheet to keep track of new deal flow.
  3. Zap a new contact from your website into your CRM Or preferably you have your forms connected to your CRM platform.
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