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If you don’t have “Martech” in your business, you are likely missing out on valuable conversions, and repeat business.  Lead generation is our core service offering, and we are all in!  Building a lead funnel is all about creating personalized content, and forming a lasting connection with a potential customer.  Our CRM management service has been specifically designed to help you maximise existing customer relationships and nurturing new ones

Sms Notification

You might be sitting on fantastic high-quality data for your business. If that’s the case, we will consolidate and manage all of your data.

With immaculate eDM Campaigns you can monitor your customers buying interests, measure their behaviours, anticipate their requirements and respond accordingly to achieve the return on investment (ROI) you seek.

If you do not have a database of customers, allow us to initiate a data capture strategy! We setup and initiate free giveaway campaigns, birthday club opt-ins, guest wi-fi, and social media strategies to organically collect data quickly!

Our Email Marketing and Custom Advertorial Templates

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SMS Marketing

Nowadays SMS is one of the most popular communication channels. SMS is a low-cost high-efficiency promotional platform for news release and marketing promotion. Apart from this, SMS could be used in Customer Relationship Management to enhance communication between corporate and clients.

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