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As ActiveCampaign consultants, we help companies like Norte further their connection with customers, building brand recognition.  The deep data integration with Shopify is leveraged so Norte has full scope into all customer lifetime spend, product preferences and Abandoned Cart Automations.

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“Norte Wear is an award winning Australian owned and designed label, bringing you durable, comfortable, eye-catching apparel for your adventures in the outdoors. Winner of Business of the Year and Best New Business – Bass Coast. We’re privileged to be here and do what we do, that’s why our commitment is to Leave It Better. ” https://www.norte.com.au/


Andrew Taylor gained Worldwide recognition in 2016 for going an entire year eating only Potatoes.  Andrew built up a massive following of inspired fans thereafter and launched his business Spud Fit.  VYBRNT assists Spudfit in running his online coaching online business, online training progra, and building valuable communication flows with his customers. Our involvement allows Andrew to spend his time effectively, such as personally coaching his clients to change their relationship with food.

More on Spud Fit

“In 2015 at 35 years old I was morbidly obese, on the precipice of a host of physical health problems and plagued by clinical anxiety and depression. I could see no way to end the cycle of dieting and binge eating that I had been stuck in since I was a child, and I was ready to give up on myself entirely.

It was in one of my darkest moments that I discovered my own unique, healthy and nutritious solution, lost 55 kilograms (120 pounds) and turned my mental and physical health around. But more importantly, because I treated the root cause of my problem and not just the symptoms, I have changed my relationship with food forever. I’ll never go back, and I’ve now helped thousands of other people to use the principles I learned to change their lives too.”  https://spudfit.com/

Performance 101

Nick Scott is a personal training, meditation coach, and health consultant.  Nick is building up his own online business now, so he can spread his coaching and expertise to the masses.


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“We will identify your muscular imbalances, and compensations that are causing joint pain, biomechanical inefficiencies and discomfort.  Right away things start to move a bit easier.  Add-in a meditation regime, and relaxation techniques, and true transformation starts to appear.  I help all types of clients at all ages, whether elderly, middle-aged, or competitive in the sport.  I am a human movement and athletic performance specialist.” http://performance101.com.au/

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