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The Ultimate ActiveCampaign SMS Solution for Australia and AlphaNumeric Countries

VYBRNT SMS is designed specifically for ActiveCampaign

> Synchronise your ActiveCampaign lists.

The app allows you to synchronize your marketing lists for SMS promotional campaign sending to your database. If you’re the type of marketer that wants to easily send bulk SMS promotions to your database this is the app for you!

> Send your text messages with a custom sender ID

Additionally, you can send your SMS from a custom sender id to your contacts. This is available both using an automation, or for a bulk SMS campaign. The SMS can come from your business name, up to 11 characters in length.

> CX App Built and Designed

Create your SMS directly within the ActiveCampaign automation builder! VYBRNT is one of the first ActiveCampaign Consultants Globally to build a CX App



SMS marketing is an effective marketing channel for brands. Research shows that text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. While the benefits of SMS marketing are limitless, it’s critical that your business approach text messaging with careful consideration. You don’t want to frustrate your customers with unwanted texts or untimely messages.

VYBRNT SMS is designed for easy SMS promotional campaign sending. The platform helps you build powerful growth funnels.

Maximise the Power of SMS Marketing

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