A powerful ActiveCampaign real Estate plugin. Sync your ActiveCampaign System with your realestate.com.au leads

The Ultimate ActiveCampaign Real Estate Solution for Australia


An ActiveCampaign integration, adding leads directly to your ActiveCampaign account from realestate.com.au and realcommercial.com.au. Built by Real Estate Professionals, FOR Real Estate Professionals. realestate.com.au has been helping Australians find their perfect home for more than two decades. With an average of over 12 million visitors each month across web and mobile, it is the leading property resource in Australia.
If you’re a property developer, Real Estate Agency, or Commercial or Residential Property professional that utilises the ‘REA’ platform, while also using ActiveCampaign to nurture and manage your leads, then this plugin is for you!


Sync Your Leads - Quickly and Easily

This app is designed by Real Estate industry professionals that use ActiveCampaign. Everything is automated, making it easy to combine all your customer’s information into ActiveCampaign. For instance, when someone enquires about a property listing that you have, this integration automatically transfers the information into ActiveCampaign and assign them to the applicable nurture sequences and deals module.

Nurture Leads and Win New Leads

This integration gives you the ability to use the data you acquire to convert leads into sales. You can send out marketing materials like emails and SMS messages to encourage potential buyers to buy your properties. If a warm lead is getting cold, you can send a win-back email. The sales possibilities are almost endless.

Automatically Update Your Customers’ Data

Every time a customer completes a purchase or misses a payment, their details will be automatically linked to ActiveCampaign and either a new customer profile will be generated or an existing one updated.

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