Increase business results with SMS marketing. Implement SMS for ActiveCampaign.

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Implement SMS for ActiveCampaign

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VYBRNT are the creators of the VYBRNT SMS global ActiveCampaign plugin, and SMS marketing experts.

Tim Preston

Founder of VYBRNT and VYBRNT SMS

3 Quick Tips to Maximise SMS Marketing

  1. Do not send unwanted texts.

SMS is highly intrusive and people can even respond aggressively with unwanted texts. Don’t put your business in a precarious position with your marketing by sending unwanted texts.

So what to do? You must turn this around and make people want your texts. creating an SMS campaign, you must know your ideal customers’ pain points. Everything else that you do has to be based on deeply understanding what your customers really need, when they need it, and what messaging will land cleanly with them. Your prospects aren’t looking for just anything; they want a solution that solves a problem.

For example, a busy family may really benefit from a nice local restaurant delivery offer at about 3pm on a Friday. It could solve a problem for them. But send that same offer at 7am, when dinner is the last thing on their mind, and it can result in the individual unsubscribing.Your first message to subscribers should quickly grab their attention.

2. Ensure the customer can opt-out easily!

In Australia the rules are clear. By law, you must include a simple way for your customers to opt-out of receiving any further texts. This opt-out needs to be in every marketing SMS you send.

Luckily, with the VYBRNT SMS feature, you don’t have to create an opt-out process from scratch. The platform comes with a mobile-optimised unsubscribe facility, which automatically tracks the opt-outs. This incredibly valuable insight allows you to identify potential gaps in your messaging and dramatically improve your communications.

3. Send with a strategy!

It’s fine to dip your toe in the water with SMS on a once off basis. But to really maximise your marketing, SMS should just be one component of an overarching marketing strategy.

Create a content calendar to ensure your marketing is well placed throughout the month, quarter, and year. For direct messaging campaigns, such as email and SMS, ensure they work together.

For automations, build a nurture sequence that uses email and SMS to your advantage For example, only send an SMS if they are not opening their emails at all, or on the last day of a promo expiring.

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