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Simplify Marketing Automation Technology

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By Tim Preston, Founder and Director of VYBRNT MarTech Consulting

VYBRNT are one of the top ActiveCampaign consultants globally.

Setup Marketing Automation Technology easily and effectively.  Build a Marketing and Sales Tech Stack, that will ignite your business growth!

We are excited to present to you The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide.  This guide has been designed and developed to help you maximise your business growth.  Business owners STRUGGLE with MarTech, and setting up clean funnels.  At VYBRNT, we make it easy for you!

Who is this guide is for?  

> Business owners looking to get into the Marketing Automation game. 

> Marketing managers of large companies that need to write the playbook for their companies marketing. 

> An entrepreneur ready to launch their product to the masses.  Online coaches, e-commerce businesses, professional services. 

 Use your tech to create an industry leading CRM and marketing solution to attract new clients. 

So here are three key questions you can answer by running through this short Marketing Automation Technology introduction!

  • Am I using the right CRM system, and maximising its benefits?
  • What is Marketing Automation Technology, and how can it help my business?
  • How can I create a competitive Marketing and Sales Technology setup that will help me blow past competitors?

VYBRNT is one of Australia’s top Marketing Automation Technology consultants. We will run you through how our strategy and guidance has helped some of Australia’s fastest moving companies scale, and streamline their marketing.  Let’s dig in!

  1. If you haven’t yet, setup an ActiveCampaign account trial by clicking here. We recommend plus or pro to take advantage of the Deals Module and CRM features.  If you use a different MarTech system, you can still follow along!

Click here to get started: 

  1. Use this guide to setup a basic, yet powerful configuration of Marketing Automation Technology. 
  1. Run some tests on your automations, and dig into the functionality.  We will lay out some powerful use cases that will be applicable to your business!

 If at any time you get stuck, please email us with your questions!  info@vybrnt.com.  We love Marketing Automation Technology, and we can’t get enough of talking about it’s various features with our clients.

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